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International sales performance

Leading an international business with demanding growth goals? You need a sales performance partner with international reach and local sensitivity.

Looking to achieve sustainable sales success in a changing world?  You need a partner who knows how to deliver sales performance improvement in a changing world.

ShapeOperating in diverse markets but have a clear corporate purpose? You need a partner who matches tomorrow’s winning ways with in depth, proven experience of international programmes.

Three key questions


A rapidly and radically changing sales world needs a changed approach. It demands a new professionalism for sellers and for leaders. That’s why Gyroscope International exists. We work with you to make selling easier, more effective and more enjoyable.



Our core competence is international selling.

Analyse your situation and goals.

Formulate a transformation plan.

Develop people and processes.

Reinforce and implement.

Recalibrate for a changing world.


The days of dull, time consuming classrooms are clearly over. A changed world demands new ways of sales learning that are engaging, dynamic, just-in-time. Sales learning has to integrate implementation and effective leadership.

That’s how we work.



  • Chargeurs

    “Gyroscope gives us structure, discipline and pace. We’re now working as an international sales team and the results show it.”

  • SIG

    “GI organised and supervised our European customer satisfaction survey and NPS. Their commitment and professionnal approach have enabled us to obtain reliable and essential information for a better understanding of our customers’ expectation. Thanks for raising the bar.

  • Roomex

    I was really impressed with the way our team (a mix of very experienced and new starts) engaged  so fully. As well as getting the team to think hard about the way they do business the day gave us some really useful tools and a really practical exercise that we used in a major exhibition the following week.”

  • Private Equity

    “During the 18-month partnership, revenues at the business increased 40 per cent from £19m to £27m, with a strengthening pipeline of prospective new customers.”

  • MOL

    "GI’s Values Selling programme has been a real game changer in our Pet Chem division. During these challenging times of crude oil and energy supply issues, our sales force team managed to improve its skills to adjust to this critical situation through complex methodologies and  - nowdays - essential hybrid sales development."

I want to...


...sell across the world

Our solution

Our solution

Gyroscope’s international experience and expertise means that you have a partner with the capability and capacity to help you navigate the complexities of building, leading and developing a high-functioning international sales organisation.


...outperform the market

Our solution

Our solution

To hope and plan for high growth is one thing, to achieve it is another matter.

Gyroscope International delivers real payback from high growth - sustainable and embedded improvement.


...change the way we sell

Our solution

Our solution

Changed selling for a changed world is at the heart of everything we do.

That can mean hybrid selling, transformed leadership, innovated learning, embedded implementation: all on an international scale.

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Take the Hybrid selling test

Take the Hybrid selling test

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